A website on methods in corpuslinguistics

Corpuslinguists believe that theoretic linguistic phenomena should also have an empirical counterpart. Our first reaction to anything theoretical is “let’s see if I can find this in a corpus!” However, as soon as we fire up our computers to see if we can find the phenomenon, we are quickly stuck due to technical limitations. The goal of this website is to provide practical tips and tricks for beginning corpuslinguists around the themes of searching in corpora, exporting corpus results, annotation, importing data into statistical software, and producing descriptive tables and figures.

Now, something like this can not be written in a days time. So, there will be additions and changes over the coming months. Everybody is free to comment on the content or to ask for further explanations. Content will first appear as blog posts, so keep the blog in your RSS reader, and will then later on be transferred into the chapters. If you feel like you could add something yourself, please let me know!

Have fun familiarizing yourself with methods in corpuslinguistics.


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